brand5Due to the tendency of increasing the market for Perfume & Skincare in the C.I.S region as well as growing consumer interest & maturity of skincare, consumers have continued to change their purchasing preferences towards more rational choices . AMAG has set up a new field in to its business categories working with some of the best French brands such as Bio Derma , Estaderm, Lierac & Nuxe , while having the responsibility to market & promote the sales of the named brands in countries such as Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan & most of all Russia, with its female population of 76 million, remains the largest market for perfume & skincare products in Eastern Europe.

On the 2nd half of year 2015 AMAG General Trading registered its own cosmetic & perfume brand in the name of Carneli in the UAE. The brand will be producing its luxuries perfume in Paris with a new sense of unique fragrances. Carneli Group has been established with the perspective of a new era in the company business also focusing on natural cosmetics and glamorously designed jewelry.

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